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Always produce.

LOOT is a design and branding studio that has a manifesto. creates wonderful experiences. delivers great visuals. does branding the right way.

LOOT はデザインスタジオです はマニフェストを持っています。 は、素晴らしい経験を作成します。 は素晴らしいビジュアルを提供します。 はあなたのビジネスのための驚異を行うことができます。


BRANDING , DIGITAL DESIGN , USER EXPERIENCE, Interfaces, app design & expert consultancy.
Thirdwork is the place to find quick web3 talent, thanks to their network of top freelancers. Our team worked on the identity, the illustrations and the website for the visionary startup.


Japanese branch of international marketing agency Opt, the studio is the home of talented content creators that needed a means to express themselves.

Commisioned by basecamp


UK based specialty tea brand that features a lot of blends, mainly because they’re British and they love tea. Branding & packaging with colours galore.

Tech company Lateral, with offices in San Francisco, London, Cluj, Timisoara & Oradea meant to delight. We worked together with their team to help them deliver supreme user excitement.

Ever wanted to go raw vegan? Ever felt the need to celebrate this time in human history when you can actually do this and it doesn’t suck?

Motherhood is something precious and difficult. Sometimes it’s more difficult than precious, that’s when you can use some momhacks to get through the tough times and still love your kid.

Lifestyle choices. Recipes. Politics. Brought straight from Eastern Europe. Two pretty issues produced. Total DIY.

Straight from the press cold pressed juice. How much more can you get? Well, not much. Great recipes need great packaging, and the greatest packaging of all is the juice itself. 

Home development done the right way. Subtle details, smooth quality and a website to reflect all that in a way that makes other developers seem dull AF.

Our Manifesto

Yeah, we’re THAT type. The manifesto is a thing we drafted almost 7 years ago. It’s a statement that guides our view of design. 

It’s been fun to see it shape up over the years. Everything that’s commercial has a touch of poetry to it. You can read it over here and see how you react to these kinds of things.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a project send us a few specifics and we’ll come back with a free quote.

How we do things

Our process is straightforward and it relies on great insights and maximizing efficiency. 

Our other stuff

LOOT is also a publisher, based on the design process we built other businesses that work hand in hand with the studio’s operations.

About the studio

LOOT is a minimal team studio that focuses on creating very efficient and highly aesthetic solution for digital & physical products. Our approach is focused on saving time and resources while providing a meaningful and solid end result. The framework we use reduces interactions, saves time and allows the delivery of complex project in record time. We work especially well with startups and lean businesses that prioritise growth and like to iterate fast, in well structured sprints.

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