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How the mayorship will take 120 euros out of our pockets.


Politics, the one thing that people dread and that they don’t want to talk about, except if the conclusion is “these dirty bastards, they’re all thieves, but what can we do…”. What the local administration does seems like their own business, that doesn’t affect us directly.

Of course, the city looks like a mess generally, there’s many things that could be done with little effort and high outcomes, but it seems to somehow be “the way things are”, with no one being specifically responsible. That’s besides the point, because we’re here to talk about more direct ways in which you’re being indirectly robbed (yes, robbed, it’s not a harsh term for what this is) of your money.

Recently, the Mayorship lost a trial that was intended by a guy named Costică Costanda (hold off your giggles if you’re a local, things are getting serious). The fierce businessman that won against the “system” bought a piece of land (which is actually a park) that was given in 2003 to its – let’s give the law credit – rightful owners. (more info here:

Now, because our Mr. Costica was a visionary entrepreneur, he wanted to build real estate on the land, which was rightfully his. Now, let’s say that he could, because it was his property. But the park was public land, and since it’s a dense area of the city, certain rules apply, so Mr. Costica wasn’t able to fulfil his vision. Nor was the Mayorship able to give him a similar parcel of land in that area, because, you know, a park is pretty big.

On the basis of his right to property being affected, Mr. Costanda sued the municipality again and, long story short, he’ll have to be paid a hefty 165 MILLION euros as an equivalent of the land that he’s unable to use. We’d say congrats to Mr. Costanda, because we believe in the rules of capitalism, which made him a winner.

Who’s worse off in this is the Mayorship, they’re the ones who have to pay! Oh, wait, we forgot one important detail, that the money is going to actually be paid by us, the contributors that pay taxes to fuel the institution without which this city would plummet into chaos.

Now, we’re gotten used to 100 000 $ rebranding projects or pansies and benches worth 40 MIL euros, but that somehow wasn’t this specific. What we’re talking about now is 165 MIL euros.

Let us make a simple calculation! According to 2011 data, the total number of people between 15-64 in Bucharest was 1 639 525 ( If we count out the people who are state employed (16.1% according to 2010 data: we get 1 375 561.

That’s 1 375 561 who might have a taxed income. If we divide 165 000 000 (get a load of those 0’s!) by 1 375 561, we get 119.95, roughly 120 euros that come out of everyone’s pocket.

Compared to the average salary of 1635 RON, that’s 540 RON, meaning 33%.

So, this year, the average inhabitant of Bucharest will have to pay 33% of one month’s salary because the Mayorship has to pay money to some guy who bought a park. But, of course, dear tax payer, this only affects you indirectly and after all these dirty bastards, they’re all thieves, what can we really do…
You’ll just have to classify this as “their business”, which you can’t have nothing to do with, put it in the ignore bin of your life, pay 120 EUR to Mr. Costica and finally admit that




1. Each generation seems to believe that it has attained some sort of an ultimate truth, when in fact that truth has systematically proved to be nothing else than deceit.

2. Although humans are capable of great insight and some grasp vast knowledge through individual efforts, as a whole, we are very stupid.

3. Socrates said it, fallibilists said it – that we can only know one thing for sure: that we don’t know anything. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing and we must accept and remember that we are limited in our understanding in order to trigger an advance of society.

4. The planet we inhabit was at one time populated only by basic, pluricellular organisms, with limited sensitivity, who lived driven only by their survival instinct. In an unregimented and uncontrolled context, subject to free competition and to the supreme, unconscious urge to live, they were able to evolve more complex means of perceiving the world around them. This is the way by which they became more and more complex and functional.

5. Is there a difference between saying you know nothing and genuinely accepting this as the only force capable of bringing about constructive change?

6. That difference could be the reason why authoritarian regimes exist, why people kill in the name of beliefs and systems, why so many things planned and created by man go wrong. Because KNOWING WHAT’S BEST and THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT are the weapons used by many people who do conscious or unconscious evil.

7. People will do many things to justify what they believe in. People who believe in false truths usually spend more energy in defending them.

8. We have reached a point where design and technology can provide the means for an advancement of society that was previously impossible.

9. Design is a tool, a way of thinking, a way of doing but nothing that’s really important.

10. Assumed ignorance is a pretty good method to assure yourself you’re not a smartass. Assumed ignorance is also a good way to avoid the fall of man, brought not by lack of knowledge, but by the belief that the knowledge we acquired at a point in time MUST be correct.

11. Technology relates to design the same way the organ relates to the sense. Design is to technology what the sense is to the body part.

12. Remember thoroughly, but don’t rely much on history. Trying to revive what failed in the past means forcing old and ossified systems to fit in a new context. Is it worth the time?

13. We know that we don’t know and that is the main guiding force fueling our endeavours.

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Symbio Morpho Genesis


The design for the exhibition that took place in November ’13 was a collaborative effort that had the purpose to provide graphical support for the installations put on display at the National Contemporary Art Museum of Bucharest.

The project supervised by Modulab evolved into a series of visuals that incorporated essential parts of the interactive installations, mixed into a graphic melting-pot that had to act both as a teaser and a contextualisation of the exhibition.



Local Jam is an event held every year, focused on urban arts and design.

In the spring of 2013 our studio exhibitited a series of 5 pieces, plus one installation.

The prints are a visual representation of the creative process, which we divided into 5 abstract steps. One of the goals was to enhance the spatiality of the installation and to build upon the innitial idea. The 6th print was actually 3 dimensional, consisting of an explosion spreading from the 2d, flat environment of the frame to the entire room.

developed in collaboration with pierre fournier