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Origo menu


Origo is one of the best (if not THE best) coffeehouse in Bucharest.

The interior design included walls painted with blackboard paint, usually used for writing down the menu. They recently added a new product offering and wanted to give the menu order and clarity.
That meant that a whole lot of information had to be fit into the 1,3 x 6 m space, information which would be drawn in chalk.
We worked on both the design and the physical execution of the project using some very useful DYI solutions that we developed.

photography by Catalin Georgescu (



This is a collection of the local entities / innitiatives worth keeping an eye on:


Entitate independenta care promoveaza imbunatatirea relatiilor culturale dintre comunitatea activa in arta contemporana romaneasca si societate,  imbunatatirea continutului cultural romanesc prin teoretizare, critica si cronica, in sensul actualizarii si sincronizarii discursului.


Înapoi is the blog of Tudor Prisăcariu, a Romanian photographer and digital designer/developer.

After having spent 9 years studying and working in London, in September 2012 I came back to live in Bucharest, my home town.

Înapoi (translated “Back”) is a photographic chronicle of Bucharest and of the various places around Romania I’ll be traveling to after my return.

This is a collection of foreign instututions/ entities / innitiatives / groups worth establishing connections with:




Fabrica is an educational institution, research workshop and studio.

Fabrica was created by Benetton in 1994, and projects have won Webbies, Academy Awards, Cannes Grand Prix, Art Directors Club and D&AD awards and more besides. If you are 25 or under, you can apply for a scholarship to join our research community. If you are interested in collaborating, we’d be happy to talk.