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‘Collaborate’ is one of our projects, where by our we mean LOOT and several gifted people who we contact with a slightly odd request: to collaborate and produce a simple visual destined to occupy the background of our homepage.

The outcome of this clash usually results in the notification of the High Councils, which send their acknowledgement of our feats and complimentary bars of the finest chocolate in the Galaxy.


collaborate #5



In an attempt to alleviate the thought that all the things surrounding you are in a state of chaos, in 23 960 BC a friend of the Great Melthuzar invented tradition. This regular recurrence of events, usually marked by profane rituals of dancing, cheering or purchasing gifts and charms, seems like a thing our species likes to do. What’s less known is that not respecting tradition might be more perilous that it looks.

The 1992 incident is an illustrative example – when, unknown to most, all solid matter nearly collapsed when someone forgot to get a symbolic gift to mark the end of winter.

Of course, we’re the last ones who would do that. With the help of one of our influential friends, we were able to go to the place where all heathen forces converge – located, naturally, around the Rahova flower market.

Alaska gets her name from vague origins – the story says it’s her place of ancestry, but that she left there as a child after a vision she had of the Black Sea calling out her name. Now she’s a specialist in finding hidden energy junctions and harnessing their resources.

As most of you know, there’s a price to buying flowers on the 1st – but luckily we didn’t need to pay that. With a good guide, you can get anything for free. We got in, we gathered, we got out and most importantly, we avoided another Incident.

You might think that’s it’s a curse to be a species governed by solar cycles, but it comes with its perks.


collaborate #4


Small Issues

Small is a descriptive term used when something is marginally lower in size from the proportions that we are used to. Strings and quarks and atoms and ants and people and planets and stars and galaxies are pretty small.

All of them can fit into someone’s collection, be it a dog’s collection of bones or Borg, the inter-spacial being’s collection of favourite galaxy clusters. It’s true though that some collections are more valuable than others. The one that goes by ‘Small Issues’ is known to have quite a precious collection and guess what? you can even buy them for yourself.

Small Issues deals with transcendental objects used to generate effects of various nature.
She made a setup that’s seemingly familiar, but upon closer study it reveals itself to be a rift to a flat dimension, one of those that usually go by unnoticed.

It’s nice to observe these things from time to time.


collaborate #3


Andrei Ogradă

Brushstroke scents indicate that the culprit Andrei Ogradă might have been around prior to your arrival. Type on walls or various surrounding objects, left on notes or hidden behind corners are also certifiable signs that now you are not safe anymore.

Andrei is a known ‘type marauder’, roaming lands spreading from Spain to Runcu. You can find some of his collected rites at

On the rare occasions when you hear ‘Marco’, you have to scream back ‘Polo’. After a little hide’n’seek, we met on the road, where we gathered a bunch of everything we could find. The parts were put together to make the ceremonial offering that you can see above. Amen.


collaborate #2



Hailing from more serene parts of the universe, where even the most barren lands are teeming with life, zwei’s floating presence occasionally touches our profane world.

Her lair is new, her path is:, get to her and you will marvel at artefacts born from storms and minerals.

As we couldn’t find time to use our physical selves, we used avatars crafted by the industrious mister Theo. You can find him in south-east corner of Central Park, selling porcelain figurines made by him and painted by his wife. Little polar bears and penguins everybody!


Collaborate #1


Tudor Prisăcariu

Tudor is the owner of

Tudor is also responsible for websites like and the London loop. Some say that he was approached by Cuban officials to document the Havana loop, but at that time he declined because of a photo he had to take in the Vitan area.

Commanded by an outside demand, we were forced to fill the entire space between us with the punitive phrase (which is also a ‘promise’) that we will ‘collaborate with other people’. Until we are reached by other potential civilisations, the term ‘people’ refers to any organism capable of manifesting a conscience (the term may also apply to apes, dolphins and in other philosophical interpretations, even rocks).

We hope whoever made us do it is happy. What we can say is that we learned our lesson.