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Do you really need visual design?


We’re in the industry of trying to justify to our clients why they need design. Each and everyday, with every presentation and meeting, we try to convince them that design will push their business forward, that it will assure that they have an edge on their competition.

But do they really need it? And how can we be sure that we’re offering them what they need?

I’m a firm believer in the free market and I’ve always thought that people trying to offer what they can do to others is one of the few things that we can make the world sensibly better. We’ve passed a lot of hurdles, like every business, to be able to offer what we do best. We’ve worked with clients all over the world that were seeking our advice and trusted us with their most valuable asset – their business. 

Why do they do it? After all, it’s mostly just pixels, right?

Well, fortunately it’s more than that. You know, design can’t save lives (props to doctors who do that), but it can make them a lot better. Think of how easy it is to order something online. Think of how easy it is now to call a car at your door. Think about all those things that give you small amounts of joy by how they look. They look like the future and behind each and every one of them lies a designer.

That’s why when I see ideas like Toptal I can only think about the dozens of times that people’s lives have been made a little better by talented people all over the world. We need see more of that and we need to ask for more design from the companies we interact with, from our governments and from ourselves.