About LOOT

LOOT is a graphic design studio founded by Ana-Maria Grigoriu and Stelian Dobrescu about 7 years ago.

LOOT’s expertise is in laying out a favorable environment for projects whether they are new brands, apps, or websites. The studio team looks into everything from market insights to company structure and brand guidelines to make solid design choices.

What makes us different is our genuine approach towards design. We always pick clients who strive to bring something new into the commercial world. 

We attempt to push the edges of design with each of our projects. Guess every good studio does that. But we also give a lot of attention to what our client is trying to do, to sell and to make. And most importantly, who they make it for. 

One of our missions is to never have an unimplemented project. That’s why we work alongside people who are really determined to put their vision into practice. We’re there for support, making it easier and coming up with things you wouldn’t usually think about.