5 Pivotal Tips to reach Product Market fit

5 minute read Product Market Fit is a concept first articulated by Marc Andreseen. It describes the scenario when you find a market and have a product capable of satisfying that market. It’s a simple concept, but one which is considered crucial. So crucial that many investors look at a company’s timeline and separate it […]

Demystifying what a Minimum Viable Product is

3 minute read You’ve probably heard the term Minimum Viable Product (or MVP – not to be confused with Most Valuable Player 🏀 of course). What does it actually mean? Short answer is ‘depends on who you’re asking’. Even seasoned entrepreneurs have probably heard more 493+ definitions of what an MVP is, where it starts, […]

Think Your Product Idea Is Worth Millions? Run It Through These 5 Questions First

3 minute read No entrepreneur starts off with the idea that their market is non-existing. Usually it’s the other way around. You think your idea has a vast market. That it will reach the millions in MRR needed to fulfil your dream of achieving generational wealth. It’s only natural. No investor would like to hear […]

How can you build a brand & website in under 3 months?

Whether you’re a startup, company looking to rebrand or developing a new digital product, you’ve surely wondered how you can save time and resources on the building your project. Here we take a look into a few tips that help save serious 💵 and ⏰.