an independently published magazine



The first ever issue of JUG is out! We’ve been working for approximately 1 year, together with our first editor, Vlad Tăușance, to put together one of the few independently published magazines on the Romanian market.

Now it’s finally here, featuring texts from 10 authors and artworks from 10 local artists, in a limited print run. The first issue contains no advertising, powerful pieces about the local culture and one hell of a cover.

The magazine is distributed in selected places in Bucharest and can also be ordered on our website.

JUG is here. Ahead of the game.


Some special thanks to our contributors:
Cristi Mărculescu, Dan Perjovschi, Eugen Ciurtin, Gabriel Andreescu, Ioana Vighi, Michael Bird, Mihai Ghiduc, Raluca Feher, Silviu Gherman, Valeriu Nicolae, Vlad Tăușance, Alex Beltechi, Andreea Dumuța, Andrei Robu, KITRĂ, Lucian Lupu, PREN, Sorina Vazelina, Valentin Leonida (Valle), Andreea Popa, Claudiu Revnic, Manuela Zipisi, Mihaela Stănescu, Andreea Tincea, Tudor Prisăcariu, Vlad Dumitrescu

JUG is a printed magazine that fuses independent journalism with visual communication.

JUG acts as a repository for information gathered from the pool of important things going on in everyday life. It acts as a mirror to the rational, material, spiritual, popular phenomena that manifests around a fixed point in space.

JUG pulls the future out of the present.