LATERAL is a truly innovative software design & development company with headquarters in New York, London and three cities from Romania. We worked closely with their team to provide insight into a new creative approach for their brand.

#branding #strategy

The strategy was to develop a language that they could use to represent any part of their business in a striking way. 

The language offered them a set of tools to play with and a way to generate all the visual applications that they needed for specific cases.

Part of the strategy was to make the visual language into a usable tool for building their website. 

The first iteration we developed featured a really stripped down approach
with a menu hidden in the header illustration, meant to be discovered by the user.

That model quickly evolved into something way more complex that featured lots of other info and was less poetic but actually functional. 
We always start from a basic model to nail down the aesthetics and then combine it with the functional prototype that contains all the vital elements that are needed to make the website experience work.

The language also allowed us to generate many other pieces of artwork.

It’s the perfect example of what can be done with a rebranding project that builds on a solid visual language and brand ecosystem.