Offer for Erik – Men’s cosmetic brand

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BRAND identity 


Brand idea development, 2-3 logo & brand concept directions each with examples of it’s own visual style (graphic device, iconography, illustration, photography style, tone of voice / communication style). One homepage layout proposal for the website.

Brand Identity Extended & Development: Typography,  Iconography, Color palette, Illustration, Imagery guidelines, Grid development (for online and print)

Stationery (letterhead, business cards, document models, thank you notes, folders etc.), Materials for Social media and other cases

Layouts for packaging for range of products, prepared for print. All rounds of changes included. 

Document with use cases and guidelines, Presentation layout for sales in Keynote, PPT or Slides format, Mailchimp newsletter layout

Estimated Cost

5150 GBP

Estimated Timespan

25-30 Working days

Web Design & development ALTERNATIVE #1

From scratch, integrated on WordPress

Wireframing & prototyping
Content integration & layout development
Development of main layouts 
(pages to be developed according to needs & user experience design)
Includes form and contact pages and other basic integrations
For any other more complex functionalities we can budget separately.

Estimated Cost

4750 GBP

Estimated Timespan

25-30 Working days

Hosting & domain can be provided but we recommend you handle this for security purposes.

Web Design & development ALTERNATIVE #2

On a Shopify or Squarespace theme

Content integration & layout development
Adapting theme to visual identity

Estimated Cost

2550 GBP

Estimated Timespan

20-25 Working days

Product photoshoot

Professional studio packshot session for 3 products, including technical shots and context shots with props and environment items. Managed by us, provided by one of our partners.

Estimated Cost

1150 EUR

Project management

Research + planning + creative consultancy
Printing & production management (contact with print houses & preparation for print)


450 EUR

Total: £ 9 300 – 11 500 

This total is an estimate based on the number of work days we think the project will take up and similar projects that we worked on. It can go higher or lower depending on your feedback and what you think you’ll need.

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