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Ok, so long story short I made a revamp of the national coat of arms back in 2012.

Here it is on Behance: – I actually vectorised it and applied a couple of treatments to it, nothing fancy. Well, fast forward to 2016, someone asks me to make it available online because the Government might make use of it. Well well well.

I managed to get ahold of the file (God praise backups) yesterday. Ah, the first years of being a designer..
Lots of the original lines were screwed up, so I redid it one night after coming back from work.

And now, here it is:

In the meantime, our ‘not sure if a wuss or not’ President decided to pass the law making it mandatory for the eagle to have a crown. As if it wasn’t gay enough already, now I had to add a crown to its head.

That’s right. A fucking crown.

I also noticed that at smaller sizes the lines would completely go into stealth mode. So I made other versions that lose detail and get thicker lines when the emblem goes smaller. You’re welcome.

I didn’t make it in color because of one simple fact: I didn’t find the official hex codes of the colours of the romanian flag. We have a law stating that the eagle has to have a crown, yet we don’t have official colors for the flag. There was a website I couldn’t find that collected all the romanian flag versions, didn’t find it but maybe you guys can help. Those guys got like over 20 variations from what I can remember.

What I also did is my own version of the coat of arms. It’s quite similar to the original one, not to upset the sensibilities of conservatives. But I made it so that when you look at it it doesn’t feel like it’s 1854.
The eagle lost it’s wisdom stick and its sword. It now has clenched claws – meaning that it’s not seeking to attach, but the claws are still there. Of course, screw the crown. And on its belly, given that the we’re pretty much over the struggles of keeping feudal provinces together, are the letters of the country. I don’t believe in nation states, by the way, so it should just be a denomination of the administrative region that we all share together whether we like it or not.

The license to use it is simple:

  • no usage for commercial projects – send me a message if you plan to do so;
  • state institutions can use it as they please, in its original form provided in the document;
  • no alterations – if you need to change it, message me;
  • if you’re planning to use public money for illicit ends please use the crappy version available on the internet instead;
  • if you download it make sure that you think about the fact that involuntary taxation is theft;

UPDATE: I decided to make it available in color as well – I downloaded the flag from wikipedia so those will have to do. I also included a redesign for the government logo.

This is the current one and as you can see (don’t even look at the typeface) the coat of arms looks slightly pissed. Not that it doesn’t have its reasons.
I also plan to work on a speculative revamp of the government design infrastructure next week. Will keep you updated.

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