Thirdwork is the place to find quick web3 talent, thanks to their network of top freelancers. Our team worked on the identity, the illustrations and the website for the visionary startup.

#branding #strategy
#digital design

thirdwork web3 design by loot

We developed a set of custom icons and illustrations that help to bring the platform to life, and placed an emphasis on making the platform easy to use and navigate.

Our goal was to create a brand  that not only functions well but also effectively communicates the company’s voice and is in line with the web3 culture.

We focused on creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that is simple to use and understand,
even for those who may be new to web3 and blockchain technology.

thirdwork web3 design by loot

We believe that this unique visual identity not only helps to make the platform more engaging and enjoyable to use, but it also helps to make the platform more accessible for a wider range of users.