About us


LOOT is a design consultancy that works on a varied range of commissioned and self-innitiated projects.

LOOT specialises in branding and graphic design and takes interest in interpreting and shaping the interactions between individuals and their environments.



In our daily lives we aren’t a list of fields of expertise, but individuals who strive to understand the workings of certain parts of reality and manipulate them in such a way that they serve our goals.

We (and other key people willing to testify) think we’re good at making a message get across effectively, often with limited resources. Our approach is based on common-sense and is fueled by an eagerness to make things better. We believe in knowledge gained through both empirical research and instinct.

LOOT is also implicated in the local creative community as co-hosts of CreativeMornings/Bucharest, along with IdeasLab

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