Cold Pressed Juicery

so, how natural can juices be?

Really natural!
When it comes to cold pressed juices, there are no shortcuts you can take. Cold pressed juicing means that you extract the most out of the fruits and veggies by pressing them without heat. We needed to create an identity that puts emphasis on its purity and be based on the concept of ‘nothing else added’.

The process started with the logo and the visual language of the brand. Based on that we created an iconography set, usable documents and all the stuff that we needed for product promotionals and packaging. Now, apart from the technical aspects, there was also a philosophy that we had to follow – nothing that is unnecesary should be used, nothing futile should be included in the graphics of the brand.

The next step in the process was designing the label for the bottles.

The label had to feature the main ingredients in each juice, plus it had to put as much emphasis as possible on the products and its precious qualities. That’s how we developed the transparent label, which would have the ingredients on the front and the color of the juice in the background.

We took inspiration from the periodic table of elements in creating the graphics. Each juice name has a code that corresponds to the things it’s made of.

After developing the visual language, packaging and printed materials, the website was the next step. And it was a bit special – that’s because it features a unique mechanism that allows you to select the exact ingredients you want for each juice in your cleanse.


The mechanism was custom built and technically it was the toughest part of the brief. Apart from designing the whole logic behind the experience, there was a lot of info that had to be laid out on the site. We designed layouts that had a lot of breathing space and that were segmented in order to make the info easier to take in.

There was also the beautiful photoshoot that was made with the help of our friend and accomplice zwei, that featured all the juices, the ingredients and what CPJ is all about.




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