Project Phases

Branding projects

Branding projects usually start off with a name. We can also do naming consultancy but we recommend that you pick your own name. 

We work based on a brief that we draw up by asking you questions. 

Based on the brief we start with the first presentation, based on 2-3 strategical directions. This is meant to gauge your preferences and ideally will give us a visual direction to head in. We also develop the Brand Idea, Brand Ingredients, Values and other pieces of your brand narrative. At the end of the presentation you’ll find the first Logo drafts, in black&white, split into directions.


The next presentations feature the brand ID – visual language, iconography, grids, typefaces, color palette(s), tone of voice and nailing down the final version of the logo.

After that we begin designing the final materials and getting them ready for print and online use. At the end of the process, which can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months, you’re left with a solid brand, easy to apply guidelines and graphic materials that you need to start off into the commercial world.


Developing a product goes through the usual stages of branding (described above). After we have the main brand coordinates and details about the product or range we can start developing packaging. That’s usually done in parallel with the visual language.

Since products are a bit trickier there’s no exact way to approach them, all depending on the actual product. Subsequently we work with production facilities and print houses to bring the product to life.

Websites & online

For web development we have several capabilities that we can make use of, depending on the project. 

For presentation websites we go though our usual UX process (below) or take shortcuts when we’re sure it’s not damaging to the project.

Ecommerce websites are usually developed on specific platforms (Shopify or Squarespace), where we and the client can make use of functionalities specific to online commerce.

Other special projects are developed from scratch with our designers and developers.

iOS applications

For apps we go through most of the steps in our UX process. Designing an app usually means an extended period of time allocated for research. We’ll have to make sure that the app has a solid point of difference and that the functionality brings something new to the market.

Development is done through our partners, under our supervision and guidance. We help you with all the steps needed to publish it on the App Store and aspects of compliance. You just need a solid idea and the resources and commitment to put it into practice.

Our UX process

The UX process we follow is a model that we adapted to organization specifics. Most companies have no use for most UX methodologies, so we’ve used a common sense approach and integrated them based on your real needs.



Competitive analysis

Language & localisation analysis

Data analysis

Information architecture

Focus groups

Department modelling

Stakeholder workshop


User flows

User stories & storyboards

Developing personas

Brainstorm & sketch


Visual prototypes

Red routes

Psychological profiling


UI elements



Micro interactions

Micro copy


Element hierarchy

Accessibility across media


KPI Setup

AB Test plan

Internal/external analysis

Observational research

User feedback

What’s in black is what we usually do with each project. Startups obviously have no prior data available, so we rely on insights. As we go up the chain, more procedures can be implemented. Companies with bigger data pools and resources can benefit from fine tuning, whereas small companies just need solid design decisions without extra research.


Fun fact:
Many UX methods are just extensions of what designers already do. We really try to not offer you properly presented bullshit or drown you in terminology. We’re up to date with most research in the field, but let’s be frank, this is not science. It’s bringing something new into the world.