Wild Forest is a botanical food lab delivering delish raw-vegan dishes in Bucharest, Romania. It has a focus on natural and raw ingredients, sustainability and the connection with nature. The brand identity, illustrations, packaging and website are meant to focus on the raw ingredients that they use and convey the message about their crafted recipes inspired by nature.

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“The branding brought me in, and the food is a rare treat. Never thought vegan food could be this filling and flavorsome.”
Matei Ciurea, a really happy customer

The iconography and graphic elements had to be minimal and non-invasive so that the colours and textures of the food stand out.

Their range of juices and milks is pretty varied and coded on the benefits they bring to your body. Small illustrations are meant to figuratively communicate the content of the juices.

Custom graphics
A seminal part of the identity was made up of the loose style of illustration that we developed.

Other materials like snack labels, custom menus and stickers were made to communicate in contexts like food conferences, events and fairs.

The website experience continues the overall minimal aesthetics in terms of graphics and user-friendly & simple layouts. The bold colours of the food styling photography is perfectly integrated in a light grey & easy to navigate layout.